Horrific Crash at F3 Race in Spielberg, Austria

Earlier this summer during the last five minutes of Formula 3’s season opening race in Spielberg, Austria, a car spun out and stopped in the middle of the race track. The race car kicked up a lot of dirt making it impossible for cars behind to see what’s going on. As many of you may have expected a car rammed into the stalled vehicle in full speed kicking it high up into the air with a hard landing. Another race car also rammed into the spun out car but without taking off. The driver who was in the flying car suffered with a few broken bones, others were unscratched.
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The Greatest Motorsport Event in the World

If you ask anyone whose into racing, specially motorcycle racing, they’ll tell you the Isle of Man TT event is the fastest, most exciting, most dangerous motorsport event in the world. Isle of Man, an island located between Great Britain and Ireland, first started the Tourist Trophy event in 1904. Since then, every year, a bunch of dare devil motorcyclist would come here with their top bike to race against each other.
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