Evo Cuts Motorcycle Receives Instant Karma

Lane splitting is legal in the UK, well, they call it lane filtering, but whatever. Anyway, although this action is completely legal, a lot of cagers hated it. They do not know about this and believe that all motorcycles are breaking the law. Some drivers let it go, some drivers would curse and use sign languages, some will let the motorcycle know by putting them in danger.
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Unlucky Motorcyclists Wiped Out by Flipping Car

The incident actually happened a few years back. It shows a car driving along the road, clipped the rail guard while attempting to make a left turn, causing the car to flip over and skid into two motorcycles. According to the Huffington Post, cars clipping the center divider during a turn is “listed among the top three primary collision factors, year after year”.
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The Greatest Motorsport Event in the World

If you ask anyone whose into racing, specially motorcycle racing, they’ll tell you the Isle of Man TT event is the fastest, most exciting, most dangerous motorsport event in the world. Isle of Man, an island located between Great Britain and Ireland, first started the Tourist Trophy event in 1904. Since then, every year, a bunch of dare devil motorcyclist would come here with their top bike to race against each other.
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