Guys Intervene With Husband As He Beats Wife in Parking Lot

A group witnessed a man whacking his wife with a Mac flash light. One of them started recording the incident, and the others stepped in to stop the attack. During the confrontation, the angry man got into his truck and wanted to drive off with his wife still sitting in the truck bed. The guys tried to pull the man out of the car but was unsuccessful. Luckily, the wife hopped off the truck before he gunned off.
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Road Rage (For Reals) in Canada

When you see videos of Canadian road rages, you actually see them apologizing to each other or asking if each other are okay. Worst comes the worst, they call each other names and then part ways. This video here, shows an extremely rare sight of some real fist fights in Canada, even the blonde girl took a punch from the old man.
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