Unlucky Motorcyclists Wiped Out by Flipping Car

The incident actually happened a few years back. It shows a car driving along the road, clipped the rail guard while attempting to make a left turn, causing the car to flip over and skid into two motorcycles. According to the Huffington Post, cars clipping the center divider during a turn is “listed among the top three primary collision factors, year after year”.
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Thousands of Volkswagen Cars Destroyed During Tianjin Explosion

A series of crazy ass explosions destroyed the industrial district of Tianjin, China. According to Chinese state media, the blasts killed at least 50 ad injured more than 700. The blasts initiated from a warehouse that contains “combustible and explosive goods,” and lead to a chain of other explosions from nearby warehouse. Thousands of cars and uncountable amount of shipping containers were destroyed by the explosions.
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