LPT – Check For Cops Before Road Rage

Not everyone drives smart, not everyone gives a shit about their surroundings. There are always times when other drivers would cut you off or do some dumb shit that would make you scream “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!??” Your basic instinct would be wanting that person know what he/she has done was wrong, was stupid, and that he/she should never do it again.

Before you get on that road rage mode, well, you shouldn’t road rage. Anyway, if you are going to road rage, check your surroundings and make sure there’s no cops around first…

Take a look at the video.

Got in an interesting road rage incident this morning. Was crazy to see the guy come out of his truck right in front of the cops. Cop yelled at him to get back in the truck. Sorry for no audio, the mic in my dashcam is broken 🙁

To add context: At the very beginning, traffic was backed up in the right lane, but clear in the left lane in front and behind. When I merged to the left, the guy in the truck was speeding from behind so it ended up being closer than I thought and I slightly cut him off. He didn’t have to stop, but he did have to slow down from 70kph to 50kph. He honked, but I didn’t speed up, so he got pissed and that all happened in front of the cops. I did not get any ticket, so I was let off before I saw the tickets the truck guy got. They were definitely giving him something, they talked to him for so long before letting me off.

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