Horrific Crash at F3 Race in Spielberg, Austria

Earlier this summer during the last five minutes of Formula 3’s season opening race in Spielberg, Austria, a car spun out and stopped in the middle of the race track. The race car kicked up a lot of dirt making it impossible for cars behind to see what’s going on. As many of you may have expected a car rammed into the stalled vehicle in full speed kicking it high up into the air with a hard landing. Another race car also rammed into the spun out car but without taking off. The driver who was in the flying car suffered with a few broken bones, others were unscratched.

A race in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship featured one of the scariest crashes ever. According to Fox Sports, the car belonging to Ryan Tveter spun out, made its way onto the gravel, and spun back onto the track where it stopped. It also kicked up a big cloud of dust, which prevented two drivers who were behind Tveter from seeing that his car was stopped on the track.
Tveter’s car was first hit by Peter Li Zhi Cong and then by Pedro Piquet. The former’s car went completely airborne and flipped a few times while it was in the air, while the latter’s car barreled right into Tveter and had its momentum take it through the gravel and into the wall. This immediately led to a red flag going up and the race stopping.
Fox Sports reported that Tveter was taken to a local medical facility by ambulance, even though he somehow managed to get out of his car and walk away from the crash under his own power before needing to lay down. Li, meanwhile, was diagnosed with broken bones in his heel and four fractured vertebrae. He will need surgery for the bones, and according to a statement he is “alert and speaking with team personnel.”


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