LPT – Check For Cops Before Road Rage

Not everyone drives smart, not everyone gives a shit about their surroundings. There are always times when other drivers would cut you off or do some dumb shit that would make you scream “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!??” Your basic instinct would be wanting that person know what he/she has done was wrong, was stupid, and that he/she should never do it again.
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Man Smashes His Own Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG With a Golf Club

An angry South Korean golfer wasn’t satisfied with Mercedes-Benz’s service and decided to beat the shit outta his lemon S63 AMG. According to Tech Times, he purchased this brand new whip in South Korea for… wait… $500,000? I checked Mercedes-Benz website and it’s only about $200,000. Regardless, it’s still a hella expensive car.
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Evo Cuts Motorcycle Receives Instant Karma

Lane splitting is legal in the UK, well, they call it lane filtering, but whatever. Anyway, although this action is completely legal, a lot of cagers hated it. They do not know about this and believe that all motorcycles are breaking the law. Some drivers let it go, some drivers would curse and use sign languages, some will let the motorcycle know by putting them in danger.
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Impatient Driver Activates Launch Control

A car was trying to make a left turn, and was too scared to make the turn with nonstop on-coming traffic. There were a few moments when on-coming cars slowed down to give this guy some extra room to complete the left but he never took the chances. The impatient driver behind had have enough of this. He got out of his car, went to the back of the car in front, and gave it a good kick. The kick was so powerful that it was like the car in front activated launch control and shot forward. With the extra boost, the car finally made the left turn.
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Guys Intervene With Husband As He Beats Wife in Parking Lot

A group witnessed a man whacking his wife with a Mac flash light. One of them started recording the incident, and the others stepped in to stop the attack. During the confrontation, the angry man got into his truck and wanted to drive off with his wife still sitting in the truck bed. The guys tried to pull the man out of the car but was unsuccessful. Luckily, the wife hopped off the truck before he gunned off.
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