Hi, I am Sungangban

My name is Sungangban, and it has nothing to do with gangbang you sick fuck. It is a phonetic transcription of my Cantonese nickname 神經病, meaning 精神病 in Chinese, which is a person with psychosis in English, or simply a crazy psychotic fucker in layman’s terms.

This website is called Falanja, again another transcription of the Cantonese slang 發爛渣, meaning “throwing a tantrum” in English. Falanja is one of my favorite words, I say it all the fucking time, I do it all the fucking time, specially when I’m driving, fuck everybody, road rage to the max.

As you know, road rage is a dangerous thing, I’m getting older and I’m trying to do it as less as possible, sense is getting into me. This website, this blog, is where I take my road rage anger to. I express my love for cars, my love for road rage, and my love for fucked up shit here. It’s my cure for my psychotic disorder, and maybe the fucked up shit I blog about here will cure you too you psychotic fuck.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here. If you like a video or what not, link it on your blog, your Facebook, your twitter, spread it out, holla at your homies, show it to your mom, show me your mom, click my banners, just fucking click them.

Have fun, don’t work too hard, and peace out.

– Sungangban
Falanja dot com