530HP Dinan BMW M4 – (Upper Big Tujunga) One Take

If you got yourself a BMW M4 and still have too much money and not know what to spend it on, upgrade your M4 with Dinan performance parts. The list of mods, included in the S1 package, according to Matt from One Take,

It is your standard M4, dual clutch, steel brakes, non-electronic damper controlled car.

Furthermore from the spec sheet

It comes with the tuner, stainless steel exhaust, carbon fiber cold air intake, and that’s good for 530HP and 504lb-ft of torque. That is warrantied, matches the factory warranty up to four years or 50,000 miles. For suspension, it’s got Dinan’s adjustable coilovers, lightweight tubular adjustable sway bars, and negative camber control arms. It also has the Dinan aluminum pedals, the badges… and some accessories on this car including the wheels, the carbon front and rear splitters, carbon fiber mirror covers, etc.

For all that, will cost you only $10,000. Matt later took the car for some spirited driving, let’s see what he has to say…

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  1. Al Rexroat
    Al Rexroat says:

    Dissapointing review to say the least, with catchy phrases like the more I drive this car the more I miss the V8 , I can already imagine what this threads soon gonna look like, poor Farah he should’ve known better not to express his thoughts. Props to Dinan for making a great package but please BMW give us back a V8!


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